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"The thing is - I never feel guilty about pleasures."

I remain the worst blogger to ever blog. Hope you all are doing well.

A gif to summarize my work situation. And I'll leave it at that.

I can't wait for Josh Holloway's new show to be on air. Not because I care one bit about it, but because I promised I'd stick around his FF's board until Intelligence premiered, to help keep the post count above the minimum. I feel like I owe it to the current moderator. After that, I'll wash my hands of the whole thing. Still four months to go, though - damn you CBS schedule.

I started watching Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Aaaand I'm already behind with the episodes of all of them, ahem. But I liked what I saw before I had to pause. Next on the list: Breaking Bad (finally!).

I took a major step back from most things fandom (less time in general, but also less interest), but I've found my happy place in the Marvel movie-verse. And I'm finally dealing with a stress-free fangirl experience. Can't wait to watch the new Thor.

(Yes, this has been an entry - I'm all about the big one-per-year-post comebacks)
Versailles No Bara

This time I have a legitimate excuse.

Happy 2013, folks!

(I swear this time I had every intention to post something - wishes included - earlier, but LJ was down for four days. My timing is always impeccable, isn't it?)

I'm not one for resolutions, because inevitably failing to stick to them is just another source of frustration and self-loathing, but I've decided that the one plan I wanna try to succeed at, the one thing I want to break free from this year, is spending time and energies on pursuits and activities that lead nowhere (nowhere good for me, at least).
I am a terribly indecisive person, and I always fear I will regret letting something go, or leave it unfinished, or quit when someone I care about is still involved. The combination of those two things has been eating at me since I can remember, regardless of the matter, and contributing to turn procrastination and stalling into the two chronic flaws of how I handle everything. I hope it isn't too late to try and change my ways. 

I'm starting with the little things.
I won't send out job applications for positions I have no desire nor realistic hopes to get only because I feel I disappoint my parents (well, my mother) passing on the opportunities anymore. My work situation is a mess, sure (what's this strange thing you call "stable job", and where is it?), but booking job interviews and participating to public exams out of guilt instead of motivation is not going to improve said situation.
I told my co-mod Julie of the JH board that I'm stepping down. I said there was no rush and I would wait a little longer, until the place is a bit more active - so either a new potential mod pops up, or the forum can keep going with only one moderator - but the whole truth is that I can't wait to go now that my decision is out in the open. I'm taking things slow only out of loyalty to Julie and all the efforts she has been pouring in running the place since she took over Crystal.
...It's not much, for now, but I still have 361 days in front of me to fix more loose ends.

(This post is more of a personal memo than an actual post, but. I had to put the rambling somewhere.)

To end things on a slightly less boring, fandom-y note: the world seems to be falling in love with Richard Armitage. 
I've been waiting for this moment since 2008.
Versailles No Bara

All the best things come once a year.

...like my posts? Yeah, I didn't think so, either.

It's been so long that I don't even recognize the layout of the new entry page, ahh.

This entry doesn't even have a sense (not that the previous ones ever did), it's just that yesterday I was thinking about all the people I met online through the years, and how it wouldn't take that much for me to keep track of many of you and what you are up to if I just stopped being this lazy, never-know-what-to-say-so-why-even-bother person that uses social networking sites one week and then goes MIA for six months.

Granted, after this post I will probably do that again and continue the circle of failure and guilt, but I felt like writing this down so you know that I still care even though all evidence points to the contrary.

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Oh, I've resurrected my Tumblr - I must say so far the second attempt is working better than the first, even though I barely contribute with my own posts and just reblog other people's pretties - and I've tried to stalk add as many of you as possible, if I could find a link in your journal. If I haven't added you already and you don't mind if I do (same goes for Twitter), drop me your url over there in a reply below.

Happy Winter!
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Answers to Nothing

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So. Maybe you have watched it and loved it, or will like it a lot when you do, but for what is worth my recommendation is to go into the movie without big expectations (if you, like me, only want to watch it for Elizabeth Mitchell, then you'll be fine - you can ignore the plot and enjoy her face, lol).

Changing the subject completely - I'm always terrible at anything blogging, and most of all, I'm incredibly inconsistent with my comments and activity around here, so what I'm typing next is a long overdue thank-you note I should've posted somewhere else ages ago.
This is for all the people involved with lost_land: I had a blast, I really had. The competition ended at the right time because it had lost quite some steam, but I was still a bit sad because I loved everything about it, and I have so many good memories of the fun I experienced and the people met over there. I won't forget any of it.
Thanks to everyone who worked to set it up, organize the activities, lead each team, keep the game alive. And to my fellow hippies at Team Dharma - I want to squish you all in a (polar) bear hug.
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If only I knew what this is...

I need to make something for lost_land's last challenge and I can't think of ANYTHING. I've been sitting here for over a hour, browsing through old pages, photoshop opened, and NOTHING. I'm feeling frustrated over the most ridiculous things. *facepalm*

So... I filled out a meme. Between a moment of staring blankly at the canvas of PS and the other.

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Random TV talk

FRINGE. SO BEHIND WITH THE EPISODES, I SUCK. But I somehow managed to avoid being spoiled about the season finale (...so far). *hooray for small achievements*

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Off topic: It looks like the failure of 3-D movies has started, and this pleases me greatly.